parclogoSouthwest Partners in Amphibian and Reptile Conservation (SWPARC) is a regional working group of Partners in Amphibian and Reptile Conservation (PARC). PARC is an inclusive partnership dedicated to the conservation of herpetofauna–reptiles and amphibians–and their habitats. Its membership comes from all walks of life and includes individuals from state and federal agencies, conservation organizations, museums, pet trade industry, nature centers, zoos, energy industry, universities, herpetological organizations, research laboratories, forest industries, and environmental consultants.

swparcmapSouthwest PARC is organized for the purpose of implementing the PARC mission within the southwestern U.S., including Arizona, California, Colorado, Hawaii, Oklahoma, Nevada, New Mexico, Texas, and Utah. The southwest United States is home to the world’s largest rattlesnake diversity and contains some of North America’s most threatened and rare frog species. The Southwest faces a number of conservation challenges, including ongoing drought and water resource consumption, habitat destruction, and the introduction of crayfish, bullfrogs, and non-native fish into amphibian and reptile habitat.

The organizational structure of SWPARC

SWPARC is managed by two co-chair positions, each serving a staggered two-year term. The co-chairs are responsible for representing SWPARC to national PARC and chairing the Steering Committee.


SWPARC Steering Committee

The Steering Committee assists co-chairs with strategic planning and communicating with working groups. The Steering Committee is composed of members representing various partners (state and federal agencies, academia, and other organizations). The Steering Committee members are elected during our annual meetings. The current Steering Committee members (in alphabetical order) are:

Liasons to SWPARC

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